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I’m a filmmaker from Southern California - born in LA, currently reside in Orange County, but I now mainly work in LA (it’s a turbulent relationship but we get through it). 

My main focuses are writing and directing. I’ve been writing since my first big major blockbuster project - a sequel to Independence Day I wrote at the age of 9, equipped with terrible monologues and awful drawings that made the aliens look like shoes. 

Making movies began in my junior high years, since I didn’t make the flag football team and the crush I had on Katie went nowhere, I found solace in making scrappy flicks with my fellow scrappy friends.


I gravitate towards the coming of age genre - relationships, ex-girlfriends, love, loss, or some underdog learning something about themselves, which are also the common side effects for watching “My Girl” and “Say Anything” on repeat at too early an age. 

Writing and directing no-budget movies has given me valuable hands-on experience with editing, production, composing, as well as staying calm under pressure - not wanting to get caught by cops is surprisingly great motivation.   

Other working experiences include production assistant, videographer, and editor for various commercial and indie projects with McSkully Media, Lost Order Films, YMCA, Del Sol Salon, and Gourmet Caterers. I assisted in development and script reading through LenaBanks ThinkTank Entertainment and Spec Scout. I also wrote articles, editorials, and news pieces for a now defunct website called “Intersect” - a film, music, pop culture, and tech site. 

I was also a part of the “Hola Mexico Tomorrow’s Filmmakers” fellowship -  an amazing program that provided up and coming Hispanic filmmakers a unique opportunity to interact with prominent Hollywood and Mexican Filmmakers through classes, seminars, studio visits and film screenings, which included meetings with CAA agents, film studio visits and conversations with executives. 


My latest short film "Expired" garnered awards in "Best Writing" and "Best Use of Line", and was officially selected as one of the "Best Films of the San Diego 48 Hour Film Project". 

“Her Name Was” which I wrote and co-directed has been featured on "Go Into The Story" the official blog of "The Blcklst" and Film Shortage's Daily Short Picks. It was also televised on PBS and featured on Kotex's new #itsnotmyperiod digital ad campaign. 

I'm currently in pre-production for my upcoming short “The Marquee Act”.

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